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Why Purple Dive? Part 1

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Hey peeps, Helene here. We have been asked this question so many times now, and each of us gives a slightly different answer, longer or shorter depending on the days. So I decided to write it down and Julia will do the same to provide her own answer.

When I did my Divemaster in Roatan, Honduras, a long long time ago, there was this bar called Purple Turtle that we would go to on Fridays to drink, have snorkel tests (and generally do stupid stuff like draw on Paul's face with a sharpie because he used to pass out in the couch a lot after too many beers). I thought that was a super cool name. So I kept it in a corner of my mind and that is the first option I offered to Julia. It also turns out that I love purple and I think it’s the best color in the world. 

When I started thinking about the dive shop as an actual thing, I also wanted to move away from the blue that every other dive shop in the world uses in their logo and graphic design. I thought that using purple instead would be a lot cooler.

So we played around with that name and a bunch of other ones, and the Purple Turtle was ahead in the race. But then Julia pointed out that when you say it with a French accent it sounds horrible. And she was right. So we tossed aside the Purple Turtle and went back to square one and came up with a giant list that had everything and anything in it. We asked friends and families, tried out names on people, etc.  

We also tried other animals with the purple, but it didn’t work out as good (Purple Cuttlefish, doh). As it turns out, a lot of the other potential names that we liked were in use already. And we still wanted the purple, or at least I did and I could already see our purple tshirts and boat and graphic design and I was beyond excited about it.

So we tossed names around for another while, until it got to the point where we had to stop debating because we needed one to get stuff going. We even had to set up a cut off date to push ourselves into deciding. And then we decided to keep just the purple. After all, it’s the best color. So we did! And Purple Dive was born.


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