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Diving Nusa Penida

Diving for children

Kids are avid learners and how best to get them hooked to diving than to start early? We love taking kids diving, as they are usually super excited to discover a new aspect of the world and very comfortable with new things!


Here are the programs we can offer for your children:

PADI Bubblemaker - from 8 years old

A pool program to give the little ones a taste for scuba diving! We will show them equipment and explain the basics of dive theory, then we will jump in the pool for an hour of fun. We will play underwater games and show them a few basics of diving in order for them to move comfortably in the water and have a good time!


Duration – 1,5h to 2 hours in total

Cost – 800,000 IDR

PADI Discover Scuba Diving - from 10 years old

This try diving program will allow your kid to experience the wonders of the reefs around Nusa Penida. We will do the day before a short theory session, followed by a pool session to learn a few basic skills and get comfortable using the equipment. 
The next day, we will go out for 2 supervised dives with a PADI instructor and show your child the underwater world! 


Duration – pool about 1,5 hours – dive trip about 5 hours

Includes equipment, water and lunch after the dive trip

Cost – 2,500,000 IDR

Scuba diving for kids in Nusa Penida

PADI Scuba Diver course - from 10 years old

The first step towards becoming a certified PADI Diver! The Scuba Diver course offers basic training for those kids who are a bit young/small to achieve the Open Water diver. Over 2 or 3 days we will cover the basic theory of diving and a couple of pool training sessions, as well as 2 ocean dives. This qualifies your child to dive up to 12 meters under the supervision of a PADI professional. At a later stage it will take only a couple of days to upgrade the certification to Open Water Diver. 


Duration – 2 to 3 days

Cost – 5,200,000 IDR

PADI Junior Open Water course - from 10 years old

For those who are avid to learn how to dive, the PADI Junior Open Water is the way to go! Over 3 to 4 days we will go over the concepts of diving and safety, extensive pool training as well as 4 dives in order to turn them into little divers! 

Please note that up to 12 years old, the Junior Open Water will allow your child to dive to 12 meters maximum, under the supervision of a parent or a PADI professional. The course requirements are the same than for the standard Open Water course, so depending on size and child maturity we will assess whether this is possible or not.  

Duration – 3 to 4 days (theory can be done online ahead of time, contact us for details)

Cost – 6,600,000 IDR 

PADI course children in Nusa Penida

Please note that for any of these programs your child needs to be able to swim and maintain themselves at the surface comfortably.
We take their safety very seriously and for any kid diving the maximum ratio of divers to instructor will be 2 to 1. Some of the dive sites will not be suitable for your children, but we do everything to give them a great time while always having their safety in mind. 

We have kid-sized equipment and tanks for their comfort and safety. 

PADI Diver Nusa Penida Bali
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