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Our commitments

At Purple Dive, we believe in working closely with like-minded organizations to promote a more sustainable and equitable future for our planet and its people. We invite you to dive into this section to discover how we actively engage through our partnerships to protect the oceans, support local communities and work together to preserve our marine environment.

Terra Segara

We are proud to support Terra Segara, this grass roots organisation is based in Nusa Penida and trains young people on the island to scuba dive and raises awareness about environmental protection. We offer young divers free spots and the logistical support  to go diving. This initiative was born in December 2023 from the observation that the local youth of Nusa Penida had few opportunities in this field. Through grants funded by their partners, Terra Segara and their volunteer instructors trained 11 youths, 7 boys and 4 girls, in January and February 2024. They are now Open Water certified, congratulations to them!

Purple Dive team


Purple Grant @ IndoOcean Project

The Purple Grant, in collaboration with IndoOcean Project, is here to bring a touch of freshness to marine science in Indonesia! Awarded twice a year, this scholarship is funded through our partnership with 1% For The Planet. Our goal? Encourage and support Indonesian women in their careers in marine science to learn more about our oceans. Ladies, if you have research projects in this field and hold an Indonesian passport, dive in and apply on the Indo Ocean Foundation website! Join us to sail towards a brighter marine future in Indonesia!

IndoOceanProject dive

DAN World

Our partnership with DAN World reinforces our commitment to diver safety. Thanks to this collaboration, our divers benefit from access to specialized emergency medical assistance, and Open Water students are insured at no extra cost. In addition, our team is trained in the latest safety and first aid practices, ensuring safe and enjoyable dives. This partnership offers additional peace of mind to our divers, knowing they are in good hands when needed.


1% for the Planet

1% For The Planet

As strong advocates of our marine ecosystem, we are proud to contribute to 1% For The Planet. Every dive with us means you are part of a global effort for marine conservation, as 1% of your bill goes directly to environmental protection associations.  

Every year we choose associations such as Trash Hero, Sea Shepherd, The Reef World Foundation and many others and we donate at least 1% of our annual turnover. 1% For The Planet therefore allows us and all other members to be transparent about our commitments. 

Thus, by choosing our diving center, you become an essential link in this chain, while living unforgettable adventures under the surface.

Green Fins

We are delighted to proudly display the silver Green Fins logo at Purple Dive Penida! It’s pretty much a trophy for our responsible and sustainable diving practices! Green Fins is a bit like our super green buddy in the diving world.

Every year, they visit us and assess our dive center as well as our environmental practices.

As a Green Fins Certified Dive Center, we follow their guidelines enthusiastically, as we want to preserve underwater beauty for everyone to enjoy, now and in the future ! 🌊🐠

Green Fins logo
PADI Eco Center logo

Padi Eco Center


Diving is not only a passion, it is a commitment to our planet! This rating recognizes our efforts as a PADI Eco Center to be as sustainable as we can. As part of our commitment to a plastic-free ocean, we have banned single-use plastics like straws, and we do not use plastic water bottles or single-use packaging on our diving trips. In addition, we actively encourage the use of reef-friendly sunscreens to protect the fragile corals that adorn our crystal clear waters

So, if you are looking for an underwater adventure with a excellent service and a big heart for the environment, you are in the right place !

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