Terms and conditions


Purple Dive has liability insurance provided by PADI, meaning that if you were ever to run into trouble as a consequence of a misconduct of any of our staff, our insurance would cover you. 

HOWEVER, we do not carry individual insurance for divers, meaning that if a dive accident would occur that would not be a consequence of our staff action, our insurance would not cover you. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you carry diver's insurance, whether through your travel insurance policy or through a specific dive insurance. We offer DAN Asia Pacific short term insurance at a very reasonable cost and we would be happy to help with your subscription. DAN is the worldwide leader in terms of dive insurance and we are happy to recommend their services. 

Deposit policy

We require deposit for courses, group bookings and high season bookings (June to October). Your deposit can be refunded (minus any bank, transfer or Paypal fees) if you cancel 14 days or more in advance. If you cancel less than 14 days in advance, we will not refund your deposit but it is valid for one year and we are happy to reschedule your dive activities at the best of our abilities. 

Please note that without a deposit we will do our best to accommodate you but we cannot guarantee your booking. 

If you were to become sick during your diving activities or an emergency should arise, we will deal with this event on a case to case basis. 


We accept payments in cash in IDR, as well as EUR and USD. Those will be changed at our bank's daily sell rate and any change will be returned in IDR. 
We also accept cards with a 3% charge, and a variety of transfer options from your bank account, as well as Paypal. 

Diver's safety

We take your safety VERY seriously. We expect all our divers to abide by the PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices. We reserve the rights to exclude you from our diving activities if we feel your behaviour could be a danger to yourself, our staff or others divers. In that case, we will do our best to refund part of your diving activities depending on your specific case. 

We do our best to accommodate dive sites requests. However, Nusa Penida is an area where swells and currents vary and we pick the dive sites with everyone's comfort and safety in mind. Diving exposed dive sites such as Manta Point, Manta Bay and Crystal Bay are not always possible to dive and conditions can change rapidly. 

We recommend a 24 hours surface interval before you fly. 

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