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PADI Divemaster internship in Nusa Penida

Overview of PADI divemaster internship

  • From 18 years old
  • 1 or 2 months of unlimited diving
  • Dive theory and knowledge
  • Mentoring and support from our award-winning PADI Course Director and team!

Your first step in a PADI pro career! 

If you love diving and you are thinking about working in the dive industry, or if you want to improve greatly your dive skills and pile up dives for a month or two, our PADI Divemaster internship program is designed for you!

Over a few weeks you will work on your dive skills and assist on courses, learn how to guide certified divers and increase your dive theory knowledge. You will also put into practice a lot of new skills such as creating a dive map, demonstrating skills for students and more!

Finally you will get a feel of what it is like to work in the dive industry and get useful tips from our team!

Our PADI Divemaster internship is supervised by Platinum PADI Course Director Helene who has hundreds of professional PADI certifications under her (weight)belt and you can rest assured you will get the best dive education from us as well as a great time!!

Before you start the PADI Divemaster course:

You need to be 18 years old and certified as a PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent. You will also need a current EFR certification or equivalent. You need to have 40 logged dives at the beginning of the course. 

What you will need

You are welcome to use our rental equipment while diving with us, however you will need a few things for the course itself: mask and snorkel, dive computer, SMB and reel, and audible underwater device. We are happy to help you get those upon arrival at a discounted rate. 

What you will learn

The core of the PADI Divemaster course is done over the first two weeks, during which we will go over dive theory and do workshops and practical skills in order to prepare you for the second half of your Divemaster intership. During weeks 3 and 4 you will assist on various PADI courses, learn how to guide certified divers and put in to practice your newly acquired skills. 

The curriculum part of the course gets completed in this first month. However if you wish to improve your guiding and diving skills and dive some more, we can extend your Divemaster internship for another month where you will be mainly diving! Either guiding under the supervision of our staff members or assisting our instructors on courses. 

As someone wise once said: "it takes a village to train a good Divemaster"! You will get a chance to follow our instructors, exchange with your mentors, have some workshop time with Helene & Julia the boss ladies, and soak in all the knowledge from our awesome team! 

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Pricing and fees

Basic Divemaster Internship:
One month Divemaster internship: 17,500,000 IDR

Two months Divemaster internship: 29,000,000 IDR

Your Divemaster course includes:

  • Use of our rental equipment

  • Lunch on training days

  • Unlimited diving during your course on our trips

  • Our exclusive list of workshops such as Ecosystems, CV workshop and more! 

The price does not include:

- PADI Divemaster crewpack and all required training material: 4,500,000 IDR

- Your PADI Divemaster application fees: 245 AUS (payable directly to PADI upon completion of your course)

Contact us to discuss your plans and help you arrange boat transfers and accommodation.

We can also offer a Divemaster + PADI IDC package, contact us for more details. 

Want to check it out?

Click here to get a sample of the online theory training for the PADI Divemaster program

Diving Nusa Penida
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