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Our vision

All of us at Purple Dive Penida have worked in the dive industry for a number of years. We wanted to create a place that was eco-friendly, promoting safe and fun diving for all and teach with the highest standards. So we made our own. All of us have been in Bali and the area for a long time and Indonesia is the place we call home. Diving is our passion and like people who are passionate about something we want to share it with the world. We also should tell you that we are a female-owned and ran dive shop. If you are a woman diver, we sure hope you will find a great place here.

We believe in strong educational standards and a patient and friendly approach when teaching diving, and we strive to train the best divers and dive professionals using the PADI system of education. 

We feel very strongly about the importance of conservation for our oceans and our planet, which is why we have built our dive centre with that idea in mind. Julia and Helene actually volunteers for Trash Hero. It was an auspicious start to say the least! Using eco-friendly materials, reusing and recycling as much as we can, not using disposable plastic are a few of the things we do here at the dive centre. We encourage our divers to join us with these efforts! 


Our Team

Meet the people behind Purple

Helene Reynaud Purple Dive

Hélène Reynaud

PADI Course Director

Helene learnt how to dive as a teenager and was hooked onto the underwater world from an early age. She trained as a PADI Divemaster in 2006, then made Bali her home in 2013. She became PADI Course Director in 2016 and enjoys training divers to all levels including scuba instructors, whether in English, French or Spanish.

She is also a Disabled Divers Instructor, a keen underwater photographer and can tell you many facts about nudibranchs.   

She has been diving in Nusa Penida for years and can tell you stories about each and every dive site! Her favorite dive sites are Toyapakeh and Manta Point.

Interesting facts: needs coffee to function, thinks she can talk to manta rays, loves a good drift dive and waves at fishies underwater. 

Julia Footnick Purple Dive

Julia Footnick


Julia became a Divemaster in 2001 but at first it was only a fun seasonal job when she went travelling. It did make her want to protect the fishies and study marine conservation. She worked in this field in Madagascar for while before going into teaching diving full time.

She’s been in Bali since 2013 after stints in Egypt and other parts of Asia working as a PADI Scuba Instructor in English, French and Italian. She’s been involved with Reef Check Indonesia monitoring reefs in Bali and is working towards becoming an Eco Diver trainer.


Interesting facts: probably has amphibian blood because the cold causes total shut down, occasionally sings and swears and makes up new hand signals when underwater, misses French wine (so don’t hesitate to bring some over). 

Dive crew Nusa Penida Purple Dive

The boyzzzz

Boat captain Made and boat hands Kadek and Ketut are all from Nusa Penida. They are vital to our team as they make sure you have a safe and comfortable trip out in the ocean every day. They will also be happy to give you some tips about their island! 

Dive team Purple Dive Nusa Penida
Dive boat Nusa Penida Purple Dive

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