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The Penida Project

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

The Penida Project is what we have been calling our project for a while now, and also the title of a series of blog posts about our adventure.

Thanks to all our friends that gave us words of encouragement over the last few months. We had overwhelming feedback on Helene's blog posts about starting up the dive shop and the set up of everything, so we have decided to share them here too. We hope you enjoy reading about our little adventures to get everything started!

On how we got started and why

On plans and architects and how we know nothing about building

On the headaches to build this website you are currently navigating

On how before we build anything, we need a road to get there...and on machetes.

On chickens, dogs and more

On bargaining and drinking coffees

On sleep deprivation, more coffees and other fun stuff

On the road (again) and writing contracts in colouring books

On delays again, but getting there

About Sharon and small people problems

How we got our truck to her new home

On how nothing goes as planned. For everything.

On trying to move a house from Bali to Penida and how that's harder than to move to anywhere else in the world probably....

On finally going diving!

On turning a pile of rocks into a dive centre

Different coutry, same patriarchy

And then, a pandemic happened

Yes, we survived

We will update the links to newest posts here, come back and check once in a while or go directly here.


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