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Personality quizz : What fish are you?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

What fish are you?

Do you have a fish spirit animal? Count the number of a), b), c) and d) answers you have to find out which fish you are. Answers below!

If someone much bigger than you wants to start a violent fight, your usual reaction is to :

a) Get straight into the fight, regardless: ‘are you talking to me?’. Never back down.

b) You shrug it off, show no fear but move away in a cool and collected manner

c) You immediately hide in the closest haven and don’t come back out till they’re gone

d) You don’t even realise there’s a problem and stare at them blankly

You would describe your relationship with your friends as:

d) Friends, what are those?

c) We are inseparable for life, always helping each other out

a) We get on well and help each other out but they have to like and welcome my whole family

b) Sometimes we hang out but it’s a dog eat dog world

How would people describe you?

d) What was the question?

c) Loyal

a) Feisty

b) Cool

You would say your personal hygiene is:

a) Excellent, I use all the best products and do a lot to protect my skin

d) A real issue, I have professional help me whenever I can, my skin can get so clogged up!

c) Cleaning runs in the family, some of my cousins do it professionally

b) Not an issue, I clean on a regular basis but it’s no biggy

You would say your overall appearance is:

c) Pretty cute with very distinctive features

a) Compact and perfectly proportioned

d) Unlike anyone else’s

b) Long, slender and elegant

When you’re at a party you are:

d) The drunk one swaying in the middle of the dance floor

b) The cool kid: ladies want to be with you, gents want to be you

a) The feisty short guy/lass who keeps starting fights

c) Holding hands with your best mate in a dark corner

Your ideal job :

a) Bouncer

c) Night watchman or surveillance officer

b) Gangster or hitman

d) stoner

Regarding travel, your philosophy is:

c) Never leave home

a) I’ll go for short outing if necessary but no further

c) I am a wanderer

d) I like isolated far away places and only comer back when I really need to.

What you love to eat:

c) Meat, fresh and juicy

a)Anything goes, not fussy and often finish other people's meals

d) Jelly is my all time favourite, but I’ll eat what I find

b) Quite diverse, I specifically like small sea food and crustaceans

Your ideal home is:

a) Has a massive electrified wall around it, only the family is welcome

b) Is my haven, spotless and with CCTV.

c) Can be anywhere I like

d) Is in a cool dark place away from the noise and crowds



If you mostly got a) you are an Anemone fish, small and feisty, you mean business. No one messes with you. Family is super important to you. You like to keep your home clean and feel protected in it. Security is paramount. You'll chase away anyone who tries to come in uninvited.You're quite happy to eat leftovers food wise and are not a fussy eater as long as you don't have to stray far from home to get it .


If you mostly got b), you're a Shrimp goby. Friendship is what counts in life and you spend most of your time looking out for your best mate. You also like a clean well built house with good look out posts and cctv for potential intruders. You'll eat what you find at home and pretty much never go out.


If you mostly got c), you're a Shark. You are the cool guy in town. Poised, feared and respected. You strut your elegant body down mean street and no one bothers you. You are a wanderer and you like your steak bloody.

What fish are you? Shark, the cool kid on the block
Shark, the cool kid on the block


If you mostly got d), you are a Mola mola. You are the eternal stoner, dreamer. Never quite all there always a little lost in your own world. You like isolated far away places and only return to civilisation when your ichy skin and personal hygiene necessities force you to.

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