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10 ways scuba diving will change your life (for the better)

scuba diving happy
Feeling happy!

Scuba diving is fun and will change your life in many positive ways! Apart from being as cool as James Bond, meeting manta rays in Nusa Penida up close and personal or just proving to yourself that you can do it, there are many other great reasons to learn to dive!

If you've been wondering if it's time for you to jump in, but want to know just how much your life will improve once you've taken the plunge, read on.

1. Scuba Diving opens up a whole new world

Our oceans cover 7/10th of our blue planet and constitute a completely new universe for you to discover, just as diverse underwater as our planet is above and with a whole new set of rules and inhabitants. You don't need to get in a rocket ship to discover this new world.

2. Scuba diving gives you a break from it all

One of the most magical aspects of scuba diving is that you cannot speak, look at your phone, answer emails, feed the baby or be distracted by any of the things our modern world tends to throw at you in adult life. This is truly the time when you get to disconnect, breathe and chill in peace!

fun diving Nusa Penida
Meet loads of new people

3. Learn amazing new skills (including levitation) whilst fun diving

You will learn many cool essential skills on your scuba diving course but perhaps the coolest is mastering weightlessness. Using your breath alone you will find yourself as if suspended by invisible threads floating in zero gravity like an astronaut, without ever leaving earth!

4. Scuba diving will Increase your self-confidence

Scuba diving will help you push yourself to do things you didn't think you were capable of and learn to react to all sorts of situations in a calm and collected manner, skills you will take back to the surface with you.

5. Learning to scuba dive is like joining a new (not so) secret society

When you become a diver you join a huge international community that spans all ages, nationalities, sexual preferences, social backgrounds and lifestyles. It's a great way to meet people who are very different from yourself yet who you are linked to by a common passion. Expand your world a little that way too!

6. When you dive you spend less on therapy/your shrink

Anyone who dives will tell you how therapeutic it is, even if you are in a foul mood, chances are after a dive you will be feeling more relaxed, happier, more communicative. A combination of good breathing, cutting out the background noise (see above), spending time immersed in nature in silence and good camaraderie are usually the winning ingredients in boosting your mood and serotonin levels.

turtles diving Nusa Penida
Meet new animals

7. Scuba diving gets you fit without a sweat

If you hate going to the gym, jogging, or anything to do with physical exercise, diving is the activity for you! Despite the philosophy of diving which is 'the less you move the less air you use hence the better the diver', scuba does actually burn some calories and like a brisk walk is good for the heart, the head and everything else. Add in lifting a few tanks and you might even get some biceps out of it!

8. With diving knowledge, you can impress at dinner parties (marine life nerd)

It's inevitable that you will learn weird and fascinating fun facts about the undersea realm when you dive. You can then shine at dinner parties, regaling other non-diving guests with stories of mantis shrimps' herculean strength or nudibranchs' strange sexual practices.

9. Fun diving provides lots of new thrills

If you are an adrenaline freak then there is nothing like a strong current dive, shark dive or a bioluminescent night dive to get you excited. Diving can be chilled and relaxing but it can also be very very thrilling!

10. When you dive, you travel more

Diving is highly addictive and, be warned, now you will start looking for new places to travel based on their dive sites, in search of your next scuba fix. You will explore lost islands and sail to hidden archipelagos on your quest for those ultimate amazing dives and you will love every minute of it!

Convinced? Get in touch and join our diving addicts community!


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