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10 awesome things to do in Nusa Penida (part 2)

Updated: May 2, 2023

If you haven't read part 1 of the awesome things to do in Nusa Penida, we suggest that you start with that!

Nusa Penida tourism exploring
Diamond Beach, worth the steps!

1# Lunch with a view at Atuh Beach

When planning your explorations of Nusa Penida, lunch at Atuh Beach is a good idea. After the long walk down the steep steps, you’ll be glad for a dip in the crystal clear waters (beware of the nasty undertow though) and a nice lunch in one of the several little beach warungs that have set up shop facing the sea. The food is simple Indonesian and it’s tasty. As you go back up the steps, Diamond Beach is just on the other side of the cliff, also gorgeous and still deserted. If you‘re feeling adventurous, a few minutes more drive and Suwehan Beach will enchant you, truly a Robinson Crusoe fantasy spot.

Getting there: scooter: the roads are fine if a little bumpy at the end.

Taxi: a number of taxi options, included or not in a tour

2# Meeting the Turtles on the North Coast

What a lot of people do not realise is that the North and East coasts of Penida are absolutely awesome; in some spots, the coral is absolutely world-class, on a level with Komodo and Raja Ampat. What’s more, is that turtles seem to like it there and it’s a rare day when you do not see a turtle. So if you’ve always fancied being wowed by incredible reefs and swimming with turtles, book a dive or snorkelling trip to sites such as SD Point, Batumulapan or Karang Sari.

Getting there: you’ll need to go through a snorkelling tour or Dive operator.

We recommend Purple Pive Penida (of course) for diving!

3# Going underground in Goa Giri Putri

One of the most bizarre and amazing places to visit in Nusa Penida is the underground temple. In fact, I’ts not really underground it’s inside a hill, so you walk up quite a few steps, give a small donation to the priests, then crawl, you heard me, crawl, into the grotto the temple is in. The cave is huge, the ceiling is around 5 metres high and it runs 100m long. Many bats fly around happily. At the back are set up the key elements of a small temple, a table for offerings, a traditional umbrella and cloth. It’s quite a fascinating sight. A lovely immersion into Balinese culture and a welcome break from the heat.

Getting there: scooter: the roads are perfectly fine.

Taxi: a number of taxi options, included or not in a tour

Other info: Plan a small donation for the priests and cover-up. You will need to be wearing a sarong, which you can borrow from a little stall in the parking lot if need be.

Nusa Penida tourism visit
Green rolling hills like in a cartoon, surreal moments.

4# Tripping out on the Teletubby Hills in Tanglad

The BBC children’s program might not particularly be to everyone’s liking, but you must admit they had pretty cool round rolling green hills. If you want to feel like you’ve suddenly landed on a different planet, go check out the Teletubby hills in Penida – literally follow the road signs to ‘bukit Teletubies’. The same rounded green (or brown if not after the rainy season) hills await you. You are at the top of the island with a wonderful sea view as well. Still fairly off the beaten track and very surreal.

Getting there: scooter: the roads are perfectly fine for most of it though expect some very sharp inclines

Taxi: a number of taxi options, included or not in a tour (potentially not on this one but can be added on on the way to Atuh or Suwehan)

Crystal bay diving Nusa Penida
Crystal Bay's unbeatable sunset, often with the added bonus of a pod of dolphins

5# Sunset at Crystal Bay

The best sunset spot on the island is Crystal Bay and there are a number of little tiny stalls behind the beach where you can buy beer and soft drinks. There is also a sort of bar on the beach with sunbeds and bean bags. The sun sets next to the pretty island in the centre of the bay, fishing boat silhouetted against the red sky. You may be lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins swim by.

Getting there: scooter: the roads are fine all the way but with a very steep incline and narrow road just before you get to the beach.

Taxi: a number of taxi options, included or not in a tour


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