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Top tips to succeed as a dive instructor

Thinking about taking your PADI IDC or maybe you just became a dive instructor and looking for your first job? Here are your tips to build a successful career as a dive instructor.

Have a good dive CV

If you are looking for a job, this is obviously key. But if you are already in a job, you never know what might come your way. Having an updated CV with a good and efficient layout cannot hurt!

Stay current with your scuba diving skills and knowledge

As a scuba diving instructor, it is important to stay current with your scuba diving skills and knowledge. This includes regularly reviewing dive theory, practicing rescue skills, and participating in continuing education courses. This also means keeping up to date with the standards' changes in the courses you teach.

PADI Rescue Diver course Nusa Penida
Keeping your Rescue skills fresh!

Build your professional dive network

Networking is an important part of any career, and scuba diving is no exception. Building relationships with other dive professionals, dive stores, and dive organisations can help you find teaching opportunities and grow your business. This doesn't mean you need to approach every dive pro you need with the mindset of how valuable they could be, but like any other industry, the more people you know, the more opportunities you might get later.

Develop your teaching skills

In addition to being a proficient scuba diver, it is important to have strong teaching skills as a scuba diving instructor. This includes the ability to effectively communicate information, demonstrate skills, and troubleshoot problems. This also means that you have good people skills, patience and humor. A lot of skills you develop as a dive instructor can be transferred to other jobs!

If your pursue a long term career in scuba diving, one of the paths for you can also involve becoming a Course Director, and teaching skills for this is a must!

PADI Open Water Course Nusa Penida
Teaching with a smile

Seek out continuing education opportunities or new skills

Continuing education is important for staying current with the latest dive techniques and teaching methods. Look for opportunities to attend workshops, conferences, and other events to further your education and improve your teaching skills. If you have other interests in specific areas of diving, whether photo, tech diving, equipment or others, then use your free time to pursue those. An array of skills can help!

Be flexible and adaptable

As a scuba diving instructor, you will likely teach students of all skill levels and personalities. It is important to be flexible and adaptable in your teaching style to meet the needs of your students. Also, in any dive operation you will experience last minute changes in schedule, divers' group and such. Being able to deal with those in a calm and efficient manner will make you more appreciated by the management team!

As you can see from above, some of these are skills that you can gain and some have to do with your professional attitude! There is not one magic recipe to make a successful career as a dive instructor, but plenty of things you can do that for sure can help along the way!

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