Dive trips in Nusa Penida, Bali

We offer dive trips around Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan every day so you can experience the best of Nusa Penida diving. The sites we visit depend on the conditions such as swell, wind and tides, we try to accommodate requests as much as possible!  Our ratio is a maximum of 4 divers to one PADI professional, in order to ensure fun and safety. 

Your dive trip with us includes your dive guide, full equipment rental (excluding dive computer), tanks and weights, water tea and coffee on board of our boat and a small lunch in between the dives. And of course, a great day out of diving with us! 

Dive trip prices

2 tanks boat dive: 1,300,000 IDR

Discount applies for own equipment, multiple days and dive pros. Please check full price list here. 

There is NO fuel surcharge for any dive sites.

Dive sites in Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan

Manta rays can be seen all year round and we dive with them often, conditions and swell permitting. 
To see the elusive mola-mola, the best period is usually between June and October as the water gets colder. Please keep in mind that during those months the water can get as cool as 18 to 23 degrees Celsius, if you are diving with your own equipment we recommend using a 5mm wetsuit and maybe a hood or a rashguard if you are sensitive to the cold! 

One of the most popular dive sites around Nusa Penida, as it has a resident manta ray population that can be seen all year long.


Depth ranges from 5 to +30 meters, and this dive site is suitable for all certified divers. 

Seeing manta rays glide gracefully through the waters is really an amazing experience that you will never forget! One of the best manta ray diving sites in Indonesia!

Manta Point

Located in a gorgeous bay fringed by a white sand beach, Crystal Bay is popular for its regular mola-mola sightings during the season. 

It also has vibrant reefs and a lot of fishlife, as well as a sheltered bay with a sandy bottom that makes it perfect for some Advanced Diver training dives. 

Currents can be quite strong along the wall, but the bay itself usually offers calm conditions for all divers. 

Crystal Bay

One of our favorite dive around here, Toyapakeh is a colourful reef vibrating with life. You can see anything and everything here, from marble rays to molas and all the reef fishes you can think of, as well as beautiful coral formations. 

The site depths range from 5 to +40 meters, currents can be strong and it is recommended for certified divers. 


For experienced divers only, as most of the stunning drop off on this dive site is between 20 and 40 meters.

Blue Corner has a great topography and hard corals, on a good day it is a great spot to see some of the big fish of the area: marble rays, tunas, mola-molas, sharks.

Blue Corner

A beautiful sloping reef along the coast of Nusa Lembongan, it is covered with corals, sponges and has great fish life. It is also good for spotting the smaller creatures such as nudibranches, shrimps and crabs.

Mangrove is usually a drift dive and the dive site goes from 5 to +30 meters. 


Gamat Bay is located in the channel between Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. The bay itself offers a sandy bottom with patches of reef. As you go out of the bay you will find a wall covered in corals, along which you will see schooling fish and a lot of smaller animals on the wall itself.

This site is only suitable for certified divers, depth ranges from 5 to +40 meters. 

Gamat Bay

These dive sites on the East coast of Nusa Penida are less visited, so it is the perfect spot to enjoy the reefs without being disturbed by the crowds!

Both offer sloping reefs and some steeper areas. The deep waters along the reefs sometimes bring up the big stuff, sharks and mola molas are not uncommon on these sites. 

Depth from 5 to +40 meters, suitable for all divers. 

Sampalan & Karang Sari

The North Coast of Nusa Penida, where our dive shop is located, has some of the best diving of the area right on our doorstep! 

From SD up to Buyuk is a long strech of coast with shallow sloping reefs and some drop off covered in corals of all sorts and with amazing fish life. 

Depth ranges from 5 to +40 meters and you can see pretty much everything here, from the smallest reef inhabitants to mola molas in season. 

Sental, PED, SD

A dive site only for experienced divers, Ceningan Wall is along the coast of Nusa Ceningan in the channel. The gorgeous wall drops down deep in the ocean and is covered in corals. 

Schooling fish can be seen often, as well as the occasional mola mola. The wall is also home to a lot of nudibranches and smaller creatures. 

Currents can be strong, but on a good day Ceningan Wall will blow your mind! 

Ceningan Wall

Right in front of Nusa Lembongan harbour, this bay offers calm conditions and shallow waters which makes it an ideal dive site for training and beginners. 

The corals are home to moray eels, lion fish and much more. 

Lembongan Bay

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