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What is the PADI Instructor Examination?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

So you are considering doing your PADI Instructor course and you feel a bit nervous about the PADI IE (Instructor Examination)? Not to worry, let's have a look at what is the PADI IE and what to expect!

Who is running the PADI Instructor Examination?

The IE uses the same evaluation criteria as the IDC, and is conducted by a PADI examiner who is sent from the PADI head office to ensure impartiality and fairness. This means that the only thing that will be different during the IE is the person evaluating you, not the material being tested. So, if you passed the IDC, you're already well on your way to passing the IE.

PADI IDC Nusa Penida
Happy PADI Instructors after a successful IE!

What are the components of the PADI IE?

  1. Written exams: Theory and Standards and Procedures exams. The theory exam covers subjects such as physiology, physics, dive planning, and equipment. The theory exam is a 'closed book' test with a passing score of 75%, while the Standards and Procedures exam is an 'open book' exam with the same passing score.

  2. The confined and open water teaching presentations. In these sections, you will be asked to give brief, demonstrate, evaluate, and debrief skills from the Open Water Diver to Rescue course to fellow trainees acting as students. You will also need to demonstrate five skills from the PADI Open Water course in the confined water presentation, and perform a rescue exercise in the open water presentation.

  3. The teaching presentation. In this section, you will be asked to give a sample teaching presentation on a question related to any PADI course. The assignment for this presentation will be given to you before the program.

Once you have successfully completed the IE and received your certificate of completion, you will need to wait about two weeks for your teaching status to be activated. Once you have received confirmation of your status, the world is your oyster and you can start teaching PADI courses!

For more information about our PADI Instructor courses, you can check our PADI IDC program or get in touch!


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