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Scuba sex, is it as good as it sounds?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Most people have heard of the mile-high club, the one where you got a tap up your bum whilst getting it on in the plane’s tiny loo or got hushed by your neighbours as you attempted discrete girl-on-top sex in an aeroplane seat Kate Moss’s arse would only just fit in. However, the 20 metres down club is much less known but (surprisingly?) it’s a thing. During our extensive research, we really put ourselves out there to find out all the information for you, all the pros and cons of a bit of underwater jiggy jiggy.

# It’s exciting and it’s a turn on.

For most passionate divers, diving is as good as / almost as good as / better than sex so putting these two endeavours together is a great turn on and clearly if you’re already pretty turned on when you start having sex, you are off to a head start. Mermaids and mermen make for great sexual fantasy figures (Aquaman, need I say more?).

Not sure the gear is necessarily a turn on but hey if you get frisky when he slips(!) into his wet suit and dons his mask you are in for some fun. It does involve latex and tight rubber suits so it can clearly go into the fetish category, though you might want to try it without the wet suit when you’re actually in the water since getting out of the wet suit when you’re down there may prove a bit of a feat.

Aquaman Jason Momoa
Sorry, couldn't help it, perfect excuse to spend 10 minutes on the internet looking at photos like this.

# It’s one to remember

Let’s face it, we forget a lot of the times we have sex, sometimes we even forget the people we had sex with but if you have scuba sex with someone, you’ll never forget it or them. Even if it’s the obscure Danish girl you met in Thailand, whose name is long gone, she will forever be branded into your memory.

# Zero gravity

This one might just fit in to both categories( pros and cons) . Zero gravity sounds like a fabulous idea. Imagine the positions, the acrobatics, the inventiveness. However, it could also lead to some clumsy moments which may be funnier than they are sexy. Sometimes you need something hard to hold onto or push up against. The coral reef being a clear no no, you might end up floating off and not quite getting the grind you were looking for. Plus you’d want to make sure you have a good hold on your partner. The good part is no carpet burns though, hey?

·#New skill sets / dive specialities

During the research for this blog post, we had some interesting input from a number of our divers. Christoph put forward the idea that we should make a new PADI speciality ‘underwater intercourse’, so people could learn good underwater sex techniques with the help of an instructor to avoid embarrassing moments and be well prepared when they wanted to take it up with their chosen buddy. We though we might consider devising a skill set to help with this, with a long pool practice session before hand. Practice would involve good buoyancy skills for various positions, buddy breathing practice while your mouth might be busy somewhere else, kissing workshop, remove and replace the swim suit bottoms, equipment placement for maximum comfort…

# Shrinkage

Let’s face it even in really warm tropical waters this is a risk. Recommended minimum temperature 25 degrees and an iron will to keep it up.

# Air management

Heavy breathing is usually associated with this kind of activity and gasping too, so doing it with a regulator in might entail more shortness of breath than you expected and your tank emptying faster than you might think. Remember to take breaks to check your SPG (this could become quite kinky)

# Unwelcome guests and participants

By this we mean the marine life but also some random divers who were minding their own business until they came across you two and happened to have a huge camera with them… The 3D aspect of diving means you simply might not realise others are below/ above you enjoying the show and -who knows ? - recording it.

Marine life could also join the party .Clearly hydroid stings on your nether regions is not something most people would enjoy unless they are seriously kinky (in which case I’m sure hydroid stings are up there with whipping, clamps and electric shocks to the nipples).

Inquisitive cleaner wrasses may also be unwelcome guests in your little get together, poking around to give a good clean to those parts where the sun don’t shine.

You could end up with some injuries in interesting places.

# Safe sex

Condom use underwater would clearly have to be part of the afore mentioned pool skills set.

# Communication

Even if you make up a whole new set of hand signals (see before: pool practice skills set) it may be difficult to communicate what you’re feeling to your partner. Having a mask on and a reg in means facial expressions are out. The wriggling could mean excitement or, plain bother from a cleaner wrasse getting a bit too involved(see above).

Even at the best of times, on dry land, couples are often pretty bad at telling each other if it’s working for both parties and understanding if they’re doing it right for their partner but this brings communicating your needs and desires to a whole new level (and you have to have at least one free hand!).

# Tank banging

Yeah, they might get in the way a bit? Though, admittedly, you don’t usually get it on back to back…


Even more so than the mile-high club, the 20 metres under club sounds better than it actually is. It’ s worth a shot to say ‘I did it’, as an experience and as a good laugh with someone whom you feel safe with, is a good diver and with whom you can have a laugh with but overall it’s clearly not going to be the best sex you’ve had.

Enjoy your sexy kinky bubbles and send us your comments!

PS: if you’d like a try but are still in doubt as to how it all works, check the internet. We were surprised to find a plethora of scuba / underwater sex videos out there!

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