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Best 3-day itinerary in Nusa Penida, Bali

Broken beach Nusa Penida discovery
One of the most popular sites, Broken Beach

Nusa Penida, a picturesque island off the coast of Bali, offers a wealth of natural beauty and adventure. With limited time, planning the perfect itinerary is essential to make the most of your visit. In this short guide, we present a well-rounded best 3-day itinerary Nusa Penida, Bali, that covers the island's highlights, including a day dedicated to scuba diving. Get ready to explore Nusa Penida's breathtaking landscapes, stunning viewpoints, and underwater wonders.

We recommend you arrive by the afternoon boat so you can get up early in the morning on your first day. The last boat from Bali is at 5pm.

Kelingking Nusa Penida
Kelingking rock formation seen from the beach

Day1 in Nusa Penida: Island Exploration and Kelingking Beach

 Morning: Start your day by visiting the famous Kelingking Beach. The earlier you get there the better since most tourists will be arriving after 8.30 am. Admire the iconic T-Rex-shaped cliff and capture breathtaking photos from the viewpoint, in relative solitude.

 Afternoon: Explore Broken Beach and Angel Billabong, natural wonders known for their unique rock formations and crystal-clear pools.

 Sunset: Head to Crystal Bay Beach to unwind and witness a magnificent sunset. Relax on the beach, swim in the azure waters, and look out for dolphins frolicking in the bay.

Manta ray Nusa  Penida Scuba diving
Meet Manta rays when scuba diving

Day2 in Nusa Penida: Scuba Diving with Manta Rays and Atuh Beach

 Morning: Embark on a thrilling scuba diving adventure around Nusa Penida. Explore

vibrant coral reefs, encounter exotic marine life such as Manta rays and sea turtles, and marvel at the underwater beauty of sites like Manta Point or SD Point.

 Afternoon: After your diving experience, make your way to Atuh Beach and its beautiful neighbouring Diamond Beach. Revel in the secluded ambiance, relax on the pristine sands, and enjoy a simple but delicious meal in one of the many local 'warungs( small restaurants)overlooking the turquoise waters. Take a stroll along the beach and soak up the tranquillity.

Tembeling Nusa Penida Explore
Freshwater natural pools of Tembeling

Day 3 in Nusa Penida: Peguyangan Waterfall and Tembeling Forest

 Morning: Head to Peguyangan Waterfall, also known as the Blue Stairway. Descend

the series of blue-coloured stairs, taking in the mesmerizing coastal views along the

way. Reach the bottom to discover the tranquil waterfall and rejuvenating pools.

 Afternoon: Discover the freshness of Tembeling's secret forest, relax in its cool natural pools, and get creative with stones to add to the stone pile statues in the natural arch overlooking the sea

 Sunset: head back to Bali by the last boat and see the sun setting over the ocean from the water.

Conclusion for the best 3-day itinerary Nusa Penida, Bali

The best 3-day itinerary in Nusa Penida allows you to experience the best of the island's stunning landscapes, cultural landmarks, and underwater wonders. From iconic viewpoints like Kelingking Beach to hidden gems like Atuh Beach and Peguyangan Waterfall, this itinerary ensures a well-rounded exploration of the beauty of Nusa Penida. With a day dedicated to scuba diving, you'll have the opportunity to discover the vibrant marine life that surrounds Nusa Penida and perhaps go diving with Manta rays. Immerse yourself in the natural environment, adventure, and tranquillity that Nusa Penida has to offer, and create lasting memories of your island getaway.


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