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The kink in neoprene: the wet suit fetish.

Warning: complete nonsense post: random rambling content without an ounce of serious fact

Can't think why it's a fetish....

The wetsuit fetish? Yes, it’s a thing.

Innocently scrolling through the internet, I recently came upon a confession by a triathlon athlete about how she looked for any opportunity to keep her wet suit on after the competitions were long finished. She also mentioned she brought it to festivals on the off chance it would rain, and she got an excuse to put it on. She admitted it had become somewhat an obsession with her looking for any excuse to peel on her neoprene, because it made her feel ‘sexy and powerful, a bit like a superhero”. I had a long think about how I feel in my wet suit and my black 3 mil does make me feel like Catwoman (and look like her too, I sometimes hope!)

The wetsuit fetish is way more prevalent than I thought. Some more scrolling revealed a plethora of confessions, some pretty heart wrenching: “I tried to stop, threw them all (!) out; but I couldn’t stop, a few days later I went out and bought another wet suit…”. Others just fun and a bit raunchy like ‘Second skin fetish: my favourite sports brands for kinkiest wet suits’ from ‘personal diary of my obsession with latex, rubber and lycra (!)’ or very entertaining like ‘wetsuit studs’ ( 3 stars for that one)…

What is it about being clad in neoprene that makes us feel sooo good (and sexy and powerful)?

1. You know you’re going diving / free diving / to be whipped

Ok, this is pretty obvious and not necessarily associated with addiction or sex. Though in my case, addiction would be an apt description of my relationship with diving. Like most divers, I also think it’s up there with sex amongst my all-time favourite activities. I crave it and don’t feel half as good when I don’t dive and have to resort to other more or less healthy pursuits (going to the gym, getting wasted) to feel normal. That sounds dangerously like an addiction (need I register with AA, do you think?). Putting on my wet suit, presses the buttons in my brain that tell me I’m about to go diving and that makes me feel good in itself…It’s the Pavlovian dog thing, I don’t quite start salivating/ dribbling ( I hope?) but you get the general gist.

If free diving or the usual BDSM stuff is more your cup of tea just change the word diving in the above paragraph and replace it with your preferred activity

2. It’s rubber and it fits like a glove

Clearly rubber is a pretty bog-standard fetish. The wetsuit fetish means you can bring the (boring) rubber and the (exciting scuba) diving fetishes together, what a bonus! On the useful side too, wearing a wet suit around is whole lot easier to pull off than wearing a gimp suit in most circles, let’s face it. Most fetishists will probably prefer the slinky free diving style, other sportier types might like the fluffy inside types too. It’s tight, it’s hot and sweaty, it feels gooood!

3. It makes your bum and abs look firm and taut and it has a zipper.

The tightness of the wet suit makes any cellulite you might have literally disappear, your body is taut, wrapped tightly, squeezed even into its neoprene sheath. That slick, hard (no wobbly bits) beautiful body is yours. It’s covered in black/ colourful and shiny/ velvety neoprene that hugs (like a hot Latino lover) your figure tightly to show off its best contour. Everything is perky and firm bound in its rubbery sleeve. You slowly pull the zip up, you hear the exciting sound and feel the constriction begin, ah, bliss. You are now clad in your neoprene armour. The hood fits oh-so-snugly around your face and restrains movement as it tightens around your neck, reminiscent of naughtier bedroom games. What’s not to love?

Really can't see what the turn on is.

4. It makes you feel like a superhero

It might be the power rangers’, batman’s or cat woman’s but it’s clearly a superhero’s outfit. It makes you stand taller, hold in your tummy, strut a little and feel sexy and powerful. It’s the diving and fetish ‘s world answer to the power suit. You can take on the world! It gives you the power to breath/ hold your breath underwater and/ or to go on a world domination rampage. It makes you feel protected and invincible…And just a little bit crazy for good measure.

5. You have to earn it.

Getting the suit on is the hardest part of scuba diving /free diving/ rubber fetishism. If you’re going to feel slinky and strong in the suit, you’re going to have to get into it first and that’s no easy feat. Pull and tug and wriggle and use aids (plastic bags, soap, slaves) and then pull and wriggle some more. After a sweaty 5 to 15 minutes (depending on body shape and experience) you’re finally in, zipped up, ready for battle! You deserved to feel this sexy and mighty, you just earned your wetsuit superpower!

Then again, it might not be for everyone....

6. Make it what you want to it to be

After scrolling though some more hardcore fetish sites( for research purposes of course), I realise that wetsuits are ever so versatile, you can turn them into hardcore sex toys or just wear them to the shops/ festival/ in-laws for Sunday roast; or, actually wear them to go diving( what a novel idea). They can be a titillating reminder of your dive to come or a full-blown part of your sex games. You can role play Catwoman and Batman in a kinky way or just for a laugh with or without tanks on, in or out of the water! They keep you warm, they can make you hot, they can turn you on, they can keep stuff off you. They envelop and protect you, bind you, squeeze you, constrict you and hug you. Whether you have a rubber fetish, like running the triathlon/ going to festivals, are addicted to wearing neoprene, or, are just a keen diver, the wet suit is and always will be an essential part of the enjoyment and fun. Neoprene lovers are us.

If you want the URLs for the fetish sites, or if you want to share your kinky wet suit stories, send me a PM.


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