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Nudibranches around Nusa Penida

We love nudibranches! There are thousands of different species and while diving in Bali you will probably spot quite a few! Here below a few photos and some facts about those tiny yet fascinating creatures.

Nudibranch found while diving in Bali
Flabellina nudibranch in Bali

What are they?

They are mollusks and are a different family than sea slugs. They are over 3000 species known as of today that vary from a few millimeters up to 60cm for the biggest species.

Chromodoris Nudibranch found while diving Bali
Chromodoris nudibranch in Nusa Penida

What do they do?

They are usually crawling on the reef and the sea floor to feed or lay eggs. They are carnivorous mainly and feed on sponges, hydroids, etc.

Nembrotha nudibranch, diving Bali
Colourful Nembrotha nudibranch

How to spot them? If conditions allow you will have to go slow and look closer to the reefs! A lot of them are colourful and will be easily spotted.


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