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Marine life in Nusa Penida

Diving Bali is a treat to start with, but we think the waters of Nusa Penida really are one of the best dive spots around here. Here are a few photos to give you a taste of what to expect...

Mola Mola

Also known as oceanic sunfish, this is one of the biggest fish in the world and around here you can see individuals that grow up to 3 meters in span. The best season is July to October, but outside of those months you might still get lucky!

Mola mola Nusa Penida
The famous mola mola

Manta rays

We are lucky enough to have a resident population here and we can't get enough of them! They can be seen all year long, weather and sea conditions permitting, and it's a delight every single time. Manta ray diving is really an unforgettable moment.

So many more...

Whereas you love turtles or schooling fish or smaller things, there is something here that will please every single diver! Email us and book your dive holiday!


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