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Coolest mermaids, sea goddesses and female sea monsters (part 2)

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Sea monsters mythology

Read the first part here if you haven't done so! 

Lusca, the half-shark, half-octopus lady from the Bahamas

Lusca is a sea monster with a bad temper. She is responsible for sinking ships, drowning swimmers and causing whirlpools. She is said to create the blue holes that dot the Caribbean and she lurks down there as well as in underwater tunnels and caves. The islanders believe that she can pull a boat down into a blue hole if it accidently sails over it. The tidal currents from the holes and caves are said to be her breath. As she breaths in water pours into the caves forming whirlpools and as she breaths out cold clear water gushes out. Lusca is not all bad since she offers habitat and food to all the cave dwellers like lobsters, fish and reef sharks. She is the guardian of the holes and of the creatures who live there.

Ran, Norse Goddess of the sea and mother of the nine wave daughters

Ran and her husband Ægir, also a sea god, have nine daughters who personify waves. The sea goddess is often associated with a net which she uses to capture sea goers. According to legend, she once lent her net to Loki, the trickster god to help him catch the magical pike, guardian of waterfalls and provider of gold. Her nine daughters’ names deserve a mention since they are supposed to describe different types of waves. The translation goes like this: Bloddy hair (the reddish foam at the top of the foam), billow (the steam and spray at the top of the waves when crashing) , lifting ( pretty clear), transparent-on-top, cool wave, and then three all just called 'wave' in the translation but the original words are all different and represent specific names for specific types of waves, which the Norse people seemed to have a lot of.

Hit, the Micronesian octopus goddess and sexy dancer

Hit is the octopus goddess and mother of a mortal who seduced one of the gods. He unfortunately happened to be already married in heaven. To help her daughter be with her lover, every time the angered wife came to earth, Hit would perform a sexy dance, so lewd that the wife would faint from excitement and be carried back to heaven. Each time the wife tried to stop her husband from making love to his mistress, Hit would start her sexy dancing again. the wifewould literaly bawl over with lust, thus allowing for the conception of Olifat, another trickster demi-god, creator of the sting ray, by Hit's daughter.

Queen of the southern seas in Indonesian mythology

Nyai Loro Kidul, Indonesian mermaid queen of the southern seas

A kingmaker with a fishtail, ruler of the sea and wife to a dynasty of kings, Nyai Loro Kidul is the queen of the vast southern ocean running along the 800km coast of Java. Famous in Java but also in the rest of Indonesia, she is responsible for bountiful harvests, terrible storms and tidal waves. The story goes that the sultan of the kingdom of Mataram came to the beach to mediate causing a a powerful disruption in the sea's spiritual field. The queen came to investigate who was causing the menace on her watery kingdom but upon seeing the handsome prince, she instantly fell in love with him. She asked him to stop his meditation, in exchange, she would help him establish his new kingdom and help it to thrive by being its spiritual protector. However, for the partnership to work, he and all his successors (sultans), would have to have her as their spiritual wife. She is honoured all over Java and her spiritual harbour has a special ceremony attached to it on April 6th where offering are presented to the Queen. Sokarno, the hero of the Indonesian Independence and first Indonesian President kept a green- her magical colour- silk upholstered room for her in a hotel is West Java to thank her for her spiritual guidance.

Ka’ahu Pahau, shark queen of Oahu, Hawai

Ka’ahu Pahau is the shark goddess who protects people from sharks. Her and her brother were born red headed humans. Red hair indicates a spirit ancerstry. Another shark deity decided to turn both the brother and sister into sharks.Having been people before , they still kept warm feeling towards human beings and decided to protect them. The shark goddess guards the entrance to Pearl Harbour sending menacing sharks on their way (but didn't have much power over bombs, unfortunately).


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