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Are there sharks in Nusa Penida?

Many divers ask whether they will see sharks when diving Nusa Penida. For some, it’s a joy to see these graceful creatures; for others, fear motivates the question, even if sharks rarely, if ever, attack divers.

shark wobbegong Nusa Oneida Diving
The odd looking Wobbegong shark

When diving in Nusa Penida, you may meet the gentle bamboo shark

Bamboo sharks are often spotted when diving Manta point dive site. They are very gentle sharks so gentle in fact that they are on the list of the 10 least dangerous sharks. They are beautiful to watch as they swim along the bottom looking for food, they are particularly fond of octopuses.

In Nusa Penida, you may find a hiding wobbegong shark

It's a pretty rare find compared to other parts of Indonesia but on certain dive sites if you look carefully you may find a hiding Wobbegong, one of the strangest looking of all sharks!

When diving Nusa Penida, you may spot a reef shark

Though they are not seen often, reef sharks are often spotted around Nusa Penida, especially white tips. The juveniles or small sharks may be resting or sleeping underneath a table coral. Peek under them when diving Nusa Penida.

If very lucky, you bump into a hammerhead

There is the occasional sighting of hammerheads in Nusa Penida, especially on the east coast. They are pretty rare and usually show up in cold water season, between July and October. Keep your eyes on the blue!

Bamboo shark diving Nusa Penida
A common sight at Manta point, the Bamboo shark

When diving Nusa Penida, you may get a glimpse of a Thresher shark

Threshers used to be the usual residents of Nusa Penida and, at certain times, are spotted regularly. Sadly though, even though they are on the IUCN red list with the status of endangered species, they are still fished for their fins and caught in bycatch so the sightings are getting less and less over the years.

What you will NOT see in Nusa Penida: dangerous sharks

Firstly, sharks are not dangerous creatures per se. They tend to only attack surfers that they mistake for seals in strong surf areas where the visibility is bad. Secondly, unlike Australia, Nusa Penida does not have sharks that have been involved in attacks in its waters. For most people, a shark encounter in Nusa Penida means a glimpse of an elegant creature swimming away too quickly, as most divers will agree.

So, if you are fortunate enough to meet a shark, consider yourself lucky and admire the beauty.

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