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5 reasons to do the PADI Deep adventure dive

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Nusa Penida Mola mola scuba diving crystal bay
Meet a Mola Mola at 30metres...

Thinking about going deeper? If you do not have time to complete your full Advanced open water diver certification, doing your Deep Adventure dive is a good way to get a taste for it and to explore the deeper ocean!

#1- Short on time

It's not always possible to make time for 2 or 3 days of diving when you only have a short holiday or when family/relationship commitments mean diving is not top of the list of activities. The Deep Adventure dive can be done on any dive as long as the dive site allows for depth. If you are planning only one morning of diving you can fit it in. The theory is short too, with only one small chapter to read along with a few knowledge review questions. You can slowly make your way towards the completion of your advanced open water course one dive/ one holiday at a time.

#2- Short on Money

Diving courses cost money and so do holidays. If you are on a tight budget, spreading the cost is a great way to slowly move up levels and gain more freedom in the dives you are trained to do without breaking the bank all in one go.

#3- See more cool stuff

Some creatures like the famous Sunfish or 'Mola mola' that you can see when diving in Nusa Penida are much more frequently seen at depth. Some wrecks and other interesting underwater features are also sometimes too deep for you to explore with the Open water diver course training alone. Getting your Deep adventure dive pass opens new doors. It can be a spontaneous decision when you realise you want to do these dives: as long as you have the time to read the chapter in the manual, you need no other preparation except your instructor's in-depth briefing.

#4- Counts towards the PADI Advanced Open Water Course and Deep Diver Speciality

As previously mentioned, this is the first step toward the next level of training. If you like to take things slowly but do want to take it up a notch, here is a good place to start on your journey to becoming an PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. Once you are an Adventure diver (3 adventure dives under your belt ) you can also then go on to do your PADI Deep diver Speciality and be trained to dive to 40 metres!

Deep adventure dive PADI crinoid nusapenida
Exploring even deeper

#5- Have the support and gear you need

Going diving when you are still relatively novice can be daunting and it's nice to have an instructor with you running you through things again. You will often find that some dive operators will take you a bit deeper than you are trained to go with a guide and/or that a dive computer is not available in the standard gear set provided with the diving (which is pretty normal). By doing your Deep Adventure dive, you know you will be with an instructor who will run you through the use of a computer and all the safe diving practices (after all the deeper you go, the more careful you should be). For various reasons, you might not be ready to jump into the full Advanced course, but this allows you a little more time training and learning with an instructor, who may also be able to give you advice on which dive computer to buy if you plan to dive often.

So if you fancy going deeper but are not able to commit to the whole Advanced Open water course straight away, go for the PADI Deep Adventure dive and, who knows, maybe come face to face with a Mola Mola when diving Nusa Penida...


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