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What diver are you?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

There are all sorts of divers and as many tastes in diving as there are fish in the sea.

Do you know what type of diver you are?

Here is a quick personality test to find out. Count how many A, B, C, D or E answers you have and see the answers below.

scuba diving Nusa Penida
Who are you?

You learned to dive:

D. In a quarry

B. In deep dive Dubai , the world’s deepest and biggest dive training pool

A. In calm tropical waters

C. In Nusa Penida or Komodo, Indonesia

E. In Amed or Lembeh, Indonesia

Favourite part of diving?

C. The rush, Flying by is super strong currents

E. Taking photos of nudibranchs (if possible Sean the sheepCostasiella kuroshimae)

D. Surviving by braving the deep and the cold

A. Chilling with the turtles

B.Trying out your new super high-tech dive computer

It’s a good dive when…

D. you can see more than a meter and you come back with your whole platoon, sorry buddy team.

C. you can hook on and see big sharks

E. you find a harlequin shrimp

A. you can stay down for more than an hour

B. you get to try out your brand new wing BCD

diving scuba Nusa Penida
All sort of divers

In the dive shop you buy:

C. a personal locator beacon (diver locator marine GPS)

B. the latest model rebreather and trimix computer as well as a new torch and …

A. a mask that fits

E. a macro lens for your camera

D. a diver propulsion vehicle

Nitrogen/gas narcosis is :

B. Unknown to you, you always use the right gas mix

C. What you live for

E. Unlikely at 8m

A. Fun but not essential

D. Something you have hardened to

Your ideal dive site:

D. Ice diving in Iceland

A. Shallow tropical reef in Indonesia

C. Strongest current dive in the area ( perhaps Nusa Penida, Bali)

E. Muck dive in Bali

B. 90m wreck (in Scotland)

When you’re not diving you…

A. Lie in a hammock with a chilled margarita in hand

C. Go skydiving

D. Volunteer with the army cadets

B. Read dive gear magazines or service dive gear

E. Edit your photos

You mostly got As: you are the relaxed easy-going diver. You don't want diving to be too strenuous, stressful or cold or intense. You're just here to enjoy the fish in easy conditions, great visibility and warm tropical waters. You enjoy long dives and have no interest in going beyond 30m.

You mostly got Bs, you like technical stuff. If you are not tech diving you are fun diving but with all the latest gear and gadgets. You love everything to do with equipment, including servicing, comparing, reading up about, calibrating etc...

You mostly got Cs you are the original adrenaline/current junky. It's gotta be fast and deep and you like to see big stuff. When most other divers poop in their pants, you just ask for more.

You mostly got Ds, you may not have learned to dive in the Navy but you come across like you did. Diving has got to be hard. Poor visibility, freezing waters, and big waves are perfect for you. The bigger the challenge the better the dive but you're not chasing the adrenaline, you are chasing the survival skills.

You got mostly Es, the world of macro and photography is what you live for. You are most happy in a vast expanse of sand, rich with tiny critters armed with a camera at 8m.


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