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Nusa Penida's best dive sites: Mangrove

One of the prettiest dive sites around Nusa Penida is Mangrove. Though technically off the coast of Nusa Lembongan, Mangrove is undoubtedly one of the most thriving dive sites around Nusa Penida.

coral diving Nusa Penida
Huge colonies of branching coral

What to see when diving Mangrove in Nusa Lembongan?

Thanks to the strong currents that flow along the mangrove tree-lined coast and the nutrient-rich runoffs, the coral reef here is thriving. Expect to see an abundance of hard and soft coral carpeting the sea floor. Huge colonies of branching and plate acroporas as well as boomies of massive and encrusting coral species and everything in between can be found here. Fields of rubbery and velvety soft coral pop up here and there. Expect to encounter shoals of fish, sea turtles, Napoleon wrasse, blue lobsters, nudibranchs and much much more when diving this exceptional Nusa Penida dive site.

Dive conditions in Mangrove

This site is subject to strong currents so it's best to choose your dive time wisely with respect to dive experience and be aware that the current takes you out to sea when you reach a certain point. Your dive guide will explain this in their briefing so pay attention! Mangrove is wonderous shallow so you will not be missing out if you do it as a third dive in Nusa Penida or keep under 20 meters for the whole exploration.

Thanks to the abundance of life in the shallows, Mangrove often has snorkelers discovering it on the surface so boat traffic can be pretty busy. Choose your dive operator wisely, listen to the briefing closely and stay with your group! This is one of the most rewarding and enchanting dives around Nusa Penida


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