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Where to watch the sunset on Nusa Penida?

The best spots to watch the sunset on Nusa Penida are mostly on the Western and Southern coasts though during the months from June through September you can also see the sunset from certain spots on the North coast.

Here are a few of our favourite viewpoints.

crystal bay sunsets Nusa Penida
The small island in the middle of the Bay makes Crystal Bay sunsets unique.

Crystal bay

Crystal Bay is probably the most famous spot to watch the sunset from. There is a small island in the middle of the bay which adds uniqueness to the scenery and you can go for a lazy dip in the crystal blue waters before dark. Many small stalls have set up along the seaside offering young coconuts, soda pops and beer for reasonable prices.


Kelinking, also known as the Penida T-rex, is one of the island's most famous and instafamous spots. The hordes of tourists tend to subside after 4 o'clock so going there for sunset, though it may still be a bit busy, will be way more chilled than during the day. You will get to see a fantastic sunset over a world-famous rock formation. Don't forget to post it to your Instagram!


If you like to keep it simple, look no further than Toyapakeh Beach. You'll see the fishermen, and locals with small boats coming in as you chill on the beach watching the red flaming sun sink into the sea. The most chilled, quiet and village-lifestyle option.

sunset Nusa Penida Kelingking
Kelingking is always a favourite after 4 o'clock when most of the crowds leave

Gamat Bay.

Gamat Bay faces in the right direction though from the beach your view will be obscured by Cenningan and Lembongan islands. Find a spot perched up on the top of the hill though and the view is breathtaking. There are several good places to go get a drink depending on your budget (see below).

The north coast of Nusa Penida

For most of the year, all you can enjoy are the wonderful colours the sky turns to, but from May/June to September/ October you can actually see the orang sun slowly making its way to behind the horizon. The view is particularly good near Sental to Buyuk where the coast curves out a little. A vast array of lovely restaurants and bars offer a variety of options for eating and drinking (see below).

sunset Nusa Penida
The colors on the North coast can be breathtaking, the sun can be seen for certain months of the year

Favourite venues to see the sunset on Nusa Penida:

On a shoestring:

Toyapakeh beach, stop to buy a drink at the local shop, then go sit on the white sand beach and enjoy the show. Spend 2,5 euros max per person.

A bit more upmarket

Places like Cubang Lantang (Gamat Bay) or Mupu Beach (Sental) offer cocktails and drinks at affordable prices with a great view. Approx 8 euros per person.

Super posh but worth it

If you want to splash out on a place with a view to die for and drinks and cocktails of the best quality, try out Maua (Gamat Bay). The 5-star hotel has a bar with a pool and is a breathtaking spot to enjoy the sunset (15 euros/person).


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