Meet your Course Director

Platinum Course Director Helene Reynaud

Originally from France, Helene started scuba diving at 13 in her local pool. As she likes to tell, she learnt how to dive with one of those famous J-valve! 

Her first open water dives were in a cold green river in France and she wasn't super enthusiastic about it. That was until she discovered tropical diving in one of her first trips in Asia and was suddenly hooked. 

During her twenties she got certified up to Divemaster, but did not work full time as a dive professional yet. Although pretty much every single holiday or trip was about diving! 

During her first trip to Bali in 2011, she fell in love with the small island of Nusa Lembongan and moved there the following year, where she took her PADI Instructor course and started working as a dive instructor straight after completing her PADI IDC. 

Three years later, she got accepted into the Course Director training and became one in 2016.
Helene then went onto working for a big IDC Center in Bali and ran a very successful program there for a couple of years, while also supervising Divemaster training.

Meanwhile, she had already met her friend and business partner to be Julia while volunteering for Trash Hero, and in 2019 together they opened Purple Dive Penida. 

She loves teaching dive professionals and now has hundreds of dive pro certification. She was awarded the Platinum rating for her Course Director activities. When she is not teaching, she enjoys macro underwater photography, drift dives, and she travels around Indonesia when she can to discover other spots! 

See below what her former students say about taking their IDC with her! 

IDC reviews from previous students

For those who are avid to learn how to dive, the PADI Junior Open Water is the way to go! Over 3 to 4 days we will go over the concepts of diving and safety, extensive pool training as well as 4 dives in order to turn them into little divers! 

Please note that up to 12 years old, the Junior Open Water will allow your child to dive to 12 meters maximum, under the supervision of a parent or a PADI professional. The course requirements are the same than for the standard Open Water course, so depending on size and child maturity we will assess whether this is possible or not.  

Duration – 3 to 4 days (theory can be done online ahead of time, contact us for details)

Cost – 4,000,000 IDR without theory, 5,500,000 IDR with theory done with us

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